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Remove and Reinstall Panels

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"This is Brian the owner of EZ Roofing. I came across HelpSolar on google. I needed a solar company to remove the panels off of a home we were scheduled to reshingle. Austin has been 100% reliable and responsive from beginning to end and fair with his companies prices.

I will no longer need to search for another solar service to help us, and I know which company to refer if I’m asked about solar services. Thanks for being reliable and communicating with me as needed, that’s something that most companies just don’t do anymore."

-Brian Stephens

"Great company, they are trying to help me get the warranty on panels that stopped working a couple years after install. Had my panels re installed and maintained so fast and are willing to take over the job of maintenance since the original solar company no longer exists."

-Gerald Larsen

"After selling our house we needed to remove and relocate our solar panels asap. It was a very stressful situation but Austin and his crew were able to make the process very fast and easy. The solar panels were removed in time of us moving out and I have been working with them on a hassle free process to get them reinstalled at my new home. I would recommend them for any of your solar panel relocating needs!"

-Yesenia Izarraraz

Professional Removal & Installation

Are you getting a new roof? We offer competitive pricing to removal and reinstall your solar panels, and we can work around your roofer's schedule. We usually need around a 2 week notice in advance.

When you are ready to move to a new home, you can bring your solar with you. We handle the permitting and layout design for the new home. We'll remove the panels before the move, you'll bring them with you to the new home, and then we'll install them at your new home.

remove and reinstall panels


For the average reroofing project in Utah, our prices will be between $175 per panel to $200 per panel (includes removal AND reinstall). Call to get a quote for your unique project.

TIP: If your homeowner's insurance is covering the cost to reroof, most of them will include solar panel removal and reinstall costs. Homeowner's insurance covers hail or wind damage (missing shingles).

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